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The task

Getting invoices paid on time is a serious problem for small businesses and Creditor Watch is all about getting your money without getting heavy. We needed to introduce the new service to a business audience and intrigue them enough to want to find out more.

To learn more about Creditor Watch and their services please visit:

The Solution

Eardrum created a campaign that was unique in it’s appeal, yet maintained an almost ‘government-like’ tone, to convey the authenticity and credibility of the product. The ad was heard initially throughout NSW, and subsequent to the success of the campaign, rolled out nationally. In addition, station live reads were also implemented.



The Results

<Creditor Watch were able to integrate and expand their message (previously left for print and web) across radio advertising, and found the results were instant, and in keeping with their objectives. They also saw a 20% spike in website sign ups in the afternoon of each day their radio ads had been aired during breakfast.

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